Vanuatu Travel

About Dany Girgis & Vanuatu Travel

Vanuatu Custom Travel’s booking coordinator Dany Girgis researched Vanuatu extensively before first visiting almost a decade ago. He immediately felt a connection with the nation. Dany started booking regular trips to Vanuatu for clients in 2006 and in 2007 booked a one way ticket to Vanuatu to live there for a time and explore the tourism industry in depth. During his extensive stay in Vanuatu Dany was a guest at almost every established hotel, resort and bungalow on the islands and developed excellent relationships with the locals, accommodation owners, shop owners, and tour operators. Dany uses his specialised knowledge at Vanuatu Travel to help guests from around the world enjoy everything Vanuatu has to offer. He has pioneered new events and a new tourism demographic for the nation.

Vanuatu Travel is one of the only Australian licensed travel agencies to specialise in Vanuatu. Due to Dany’s quality of service and specialist knowledge, word-of-mouth recommendations from travellers and guests, has made this Vanuatu Travel grow enormously in recent years.

Vanuatu’s specialist wholesaler built on a solid reputation, Vanuatu Travel helps guests with all types of holidays in the beautiful nation of Vanuatu. Dany has had many years of first-hand experience specifically in Vanuatu and can help you arrange an incredibly memorable holiday. With the benefit of years of specialised first-hand experience and an intimate knowledge of tourist destinations, Vanuatu Travel is “as good as it gets” when it comes to booking your trip to Vanuatu. Dany works in close partnerships with all the hotels, tour operators and airlines to bring you the very best rates and the best possible specials available on the market at any point in time.