Jewel of Rah. Welkam magazine . Jan 2010 .

Jewel of Rah by John Penman One tiny island community are facing the challenges and reaping a range of rewards with the success of their locally developed whole community approach to tourism. Vanuatu’s outer islands are like a crown of coral and cultural gems surrounding the hub of Port Vila. Tourism development in these rural Read More

Welcome Home. Island Spirit magazine. October – December 2008.

“Welcome Home” Many people travel at one point in their life in response to a calling, a search for home, a sense of belonging to a place and a community. A few wayfarers stay within their native country while other pilgrims commonly explore famous cities and ancient sites in the antipodes. A certain type of Read More

Rah Round Island Canoe Race. Island Spirit magazine. April – June 2008.

Inaugural Rah Round Island Canoe Race. Rah Island. Thursday 18 October 2007 written by Kate Williams Tagai. A small crescent of white sand beach showed high tide was close as the late afternoon sun sparkled off the lazy waves. A small crowd gathered at the edge of the sand under the shade of sea oaks Read More

I Heart Island Time. St Andrews Day Festival article for UK.

I ♥ Island Time! by Salina Scott This article was written by a freelance UK journalist who came to the St Andrew's Day festival with VCT for a holiday. This festival features a custom fishing experience rarely seen in the world. Clocks are overrated. Unless of course your catching a plane, running late for a Read More

Beautiful Banks – Unforgettable Festive Celebrations. Island Spirit magazine.

Beautiful Banks. Unforgettable Festive Celebrations. By Simon Humphries Christmas to New Year 2006 offered tourists and guests to Rah Island and Mota Lava a unique, culturally rich and extraordinary time in the beautiful Banks region of north Vanuatu. It was an opportunity to experience the season’s celebrations and festivities in a special local way. Christmas Read More

Life in a Tropical Garden of Eden.

By Simon Humphries. Imagine living in a place where the earth was so organic and fertile that fences turn into trees and the hardest part about gardening is to try and stop plants and trees from growing. I have found such a place and with it happy, healthy people who live in sustainable harmony with Read More

Ambrym Island. MAP magazine. August 2007.

(a short version of Life in a Tropical Garden of Eden ). Travel Trade New Zealand. Helping Out On Holiday Read More