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***HI TOM. HERE below IS A SUGGESTION FOR THE SITE MAP DESCRIPTION OF THE ABOUT PAGE. is it possible that someone can click on weather and they are taken to a specific place on a page? i see it in many websites so i guess it is possible. what do you think about having a second submenu out to the side with the sub menu items on it like Where is Vanuatu, Vanuatu Map, etc. and it takes them to that specific part of the page. what do you suggest?****


– Where is Vanuatu

– Vanuatu Map

– Weather

– Public Holidays

– Air Vanuatu

– Vanuatu Facts

– Vanuatu News

Rah and Mota Lava islands

– Info

Vanuatu Vustom Travel

– What we do and how

– Our Purpose

– Our Mission

– Our Story

Vanuatu Travel

– About Dany Girgis and Vanuatu Travel

Rah Bungalows

– Info

Port Vila and Efate Island

– Info

– What to do in Port Vila

– 40 things to do on Efate Island

Santo Island

– Info

Tanna Island

– Info


– Info

Community Projects

– Info